In your body tumors are abnormal growths benign and malignant

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By nclexnursing

In your body tumors are abnormal growths. They are available in two types: benign and malignant. Unwanted growths are not cancer and cancerous ones are. Benign tumors only develop in one location. They are unable to invade or spread to other areas of your body. However, they might be harmful if they put pressure on your brain or other crucial organs.

There are additional cells in tumors. Normally, cells multiply and develop to create new ones when your body requires them. Older cells expire and are replaced by younger cells when they do. This procedure can be problematic at times. When your body does not require them, new cells are created, and old cells are not destroyed as they ought to be. Since these additional cells might divide unabatedly, tumors could result. Surgery is frequently part of the treatment. Usually, benign cancers don’t come back.