The Nursing Process

The NCLEX-RN test plan covers questions from all steps of the nursing process. The five phases of the nursing process are (1) assessment, (2) analysis, (3) planning, (4) implementation, and (5) evaluation.

Assessment. Assessment involves establishing a database. The nurse gathers objective and subjective information about the client and then verifies the data and communicates information gained from the evaluation.

Analysis. The analysis involves identifying actual or potential health care needs or problems based on assessment data. The nurse interprets the data, collects additional data as indicated, and identifies and communicates the client’s nursing diagnoses. The nurse also determines the congruency between the client’s needs and the ability of the health care team members to meet those needs.

Planning. Planning involves setting outcomes and goals for meeting the client’s needs and designing strategies to attain them. The nurse determines the purposes of care, develops and modifies the plan, collaborates with other health team members to deliver the client’s care, and formulates expected outcomes of nursing interventions.

Implementation. Implementation involves initiating and completing actions necessary to accomplish the defined goals. The nurse organizes and manages the client’s care; performs or assists the client in performing activities of daily living; counsels and teaches the client, significant others, and health care team members; and provides care to attain the established client goals. The nurse also provides care to optimize the achievement of the client’s health care goals; supervises, coordinates, and evaluates the client’s care as provided by nursing staff; and records and exchanges information.

Evaluation. Evaluation determines goal achievement. The nurse compares actual with expected therapy outcomes, evaluates compliance with prescribed or proscribed therapy, and records and describes the client’s response to treatment or care. The nurse also modifies the plan, as indicated, and reorders priorities.

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