Practice Test Psychiatric Nursing 150 ITEM

Practice Test Psychiatric Nursing 150 item for nursing review. Sherwin sought guidance from Nurse Trish on how to deal with his alcohol problem. The only successful treatment for alcoholism, according to Nurse Trish, is: A.PsychotherapyB.Alcoholics anonymous (A.A.)C.Total abstinenced.Aversion Therapy The correct answer is C. Total abstinence is the only effective¬†treatment for alcoholism Nurse Arnold Qimzon … Read more

50 Item Psychiatric Nursing Exam with Rationale

Psychiatric nursing exam. A 60-year-old post-CVA patient is taking TPA to treat his disease; according to the nurse, this is an example of what level of prevention? A. PrimaryB. SecondaryC. TertiaryD. Nota C is the correct answer. TPA stands for TRANSPLASMINOGEN ACTIVATOR, which are thrombolytics that dissolve clots that have formed in the brain’s blood … Read more