100 Item Medical-Surgical Nursing Examination Answers and Rationales

100 Item Medical-Surgical Nursing Examination.SITUATION: Arnold Quimson, a registered nurse, saw an elderly woman get hit by a motorcycle as she crossed a train track. At the railway, the elderly woman collapsed. Yeng dashed towards the fray. As a registered nurse, Yeng knows that the first thing he’ll do when he arrives on the scene … Read more

Medical Surgical Nursing for Nursing Review PDF Download

Medical surgical nursing for nursing review. I. Client in Pain II. Perioperative Nursing Care III. Alterations in Human Functioning a. Disturbances in Oxygenation: Respiratory & Cardiovascular Functionsb. Disturbances in Metabolic and Endocrine Functionsc. Disturbances in Elimination: Gastrointestinal Problemsd. Disturbances in Fluids and Electrolytes: Renal & Genitourinary Functionse. Disturbances in Cellular Functioning: Cancer and Hematologic Problemsf. … Read more

Medical-Surgical Nursing Review Complete Summary pdf download

Medical-Surgical Nursing Review Complete Summary pdf download for board examination. An Overview of Nervous System Structures and Functions Cells and Neuron Characteristics and properties a. The ability of a neuron’s excitability to be changed by the external environment. b. The ability of a neuron’s conductivity to carry an excitation pulse from one neuron to another … Read more