This psychiatric nursing is related to perception, suicidal tendency, hallucinations, anxiety attack and cognitive development.

Psychiatric Nursing

Marco approached Nurse Trish asking for advice on how to deal with his alcohol addiction. Nurse Trish should tell the client that the only effective treatment for alcoholism is:

a. Psychotherapy
b. Alcoholics anonymous (A.A.)
c. Total abstinence
d. Aversion Therapy


C is the correct answer. Total abstinence is the only effective treatment for alcoholism.

Nurse Hazel is caring for a male client who experience false sensory perceptions with no basis in reality. This perception is known as

a. Hallucinations
b. Delusions
c. Loose associations
d. Neologisms


A is the correct answer. Hallucinations are visual, auditory, gustatory, tactile or olfactory perceptions that have no basis in reality.

Nurse Monet is caring for a female client who has suicidal tendency. When accompanying the client to the restroom, Nurse Monet should…

a. Give her privacy
b. Allow her to urinate
c. Open the window and allow her to get some fresh air
d. Observe her


D is the correct answer. The Nurse has a responsibility to observe continuously the acutely suicidal client. The Nurseshould watch for clues, such as communicating suicidal thoughts, and messages; hoarding medications and talking about death.

Nurse Maureen is developing a plan of care for a female client with anorexia nervosa. Which action should the nurse include in the plan?

a. Provide privacy during meals
b. Set-up a strict eating plan for the client
c. Encourage client to exercise to reduce anxiety
d. Restrict visits with the family


B is the correct answer. Establishing a consistent eating plan and monitoring client’s weight are important to this disorder.

A client is experiencing anxiety attack. The most appropriate nursing intervention should include?

a. Turning on the television
b. Leaving the client alone
c. Staying with the client and speaking in short sentences
d. Ask the client to play with other clients


C is the correct answer. Appropriate nursing interventions for an anxiety attack include using short sentences, staying with the client, decreasing stimuli, remaining calm and medicating as needed.

A female client is admitted with a diagnosis of delusions of GRANDEUR. This diagnosis reflects a belief that one is

a. Being Killed
b. Highly famous and important
c. Responsible for evil world
d. Connected to client unrelated to oneself


B is the correct answer.Delusion of grandeur is a false belief that one is highly famous and important.

A 20 year old client was diagnosed with dependent personality disorder. Which behavior is not most likely to be evidence of ineffective individual coping?

a. Recurrent self-destructive behavior
b. Avoiding relationship
c. Showing interest in solitary activities
d. Inability to make choices and decision without advise


D is the correct answer. Individual with dependent personality disorder typically shows indecisiveness submissiveness and clinging behavior so that others will make decisions with them.

A male client is diagnosed with schizotypal personality disorder. Which signs would this client exhibit during social situation?

a. Paranoid thoughts
b. Emotional affect
c. Independence need
d. Aggressive behavior


A is the correct answer. Clients with schizotypal personality disorder experience excessive social anxiety that can lead to paranoid thoughts.

Nurse Claire is caring for a client diagnosed with bulimia. The most appropriate initial goal for a client diagnosed with bulimia is?

a. Encourage to avoid foods
b. Identify anxiety causing situations
c. Eat only three meals a day
d. Avoid shopping plenty of groceries


B is the correct answer. Bulimia disorder generally is a maladaptive coping response to stress and underlying issues. The client should identify anxiety causing situation that stimulate the bulimic behavior and then learn new ways of coping with the anxiety.

Nurse Tony was caring for a 41 year old female client. Which behavior by the client indicates adult cognitive development?

a. Generates new levels of awareness
b. Assumes responsibility for her actions
c. Has maximum ability to solve problems and learn new skills
d. Her perception are based on reality


A is the correct answer. An adult age 31 to 45 generates new level of awareness.

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