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Psychiatric Nursing Practice Quiz Part II

This psychiatric nursing is related to toxicity, stress syndrome, nursing assistant and grief.

Psychiatric Nursing

Bong is diagnosed with amphetamine psychosis and was admitted in the emergency room. Nurse Ronald would most likely prepare to administer which of the following medication?

a. Librium
b. Valium
c. Ativan
d. Haldol


D is the correct answer. The nurse would prepare to administer an antipsychotic medication such as Haldol to a client experiencing amphetamine psychosis to decrease agitation & psychotic symptoms, including delusions, hallucinations & cognitive impairment.

Which of the following liquids would nurse Leng administer to a female client who is intoxicated with phencyclidine (PCP) to hasten excretion of the chemical?

a. Shake
b. Tea
c. Cranberry Juice
d. Grape juice


C is the correct answer. An acid environment aids in the excretion of PCP. The nurse will definitely give the client with PCP intoxication cranberry juice to acidify the urine to a ph of 5.5 and accelerate excretion.

When developing a plan of care for a female client with acute stress disorder who lost her sister in a car accident. Which of the following would the nurse expect to initiate?

a. Facilitating progressive review of the accident and its consequences
b. Postponing discussion of the accident until the client brings it up
c. Telling the client to avoid details of the accident
d. Helping the client to evaluate her sister’s behavior


A is the correct answer.The nurse would facilitate progressive review of the accident and its consequence to help the client integrate feelings & memories and to begin the grieving process.

The nursing assistant tells nurse Ronald that the client is not in the dining room for lunch. Nurse Ronald would direct the nursing assistant to do which of the following?

a. Tell the client he’ll need to wait until supper to eat if he misses lunch
b. Invite the client to lunch and accompany him to the dining room
c. Inform the client that he has 10 minutes to get to the dining room for lunch
d. Take the client a lunch tray and let the client eat in his room


B is the correct answer . The nurse instructs the nursing assistant to invite the client to lunch & accompany him to the dinning room to decrease manipulation, secondary gain, dependency and reinforcement of negative behavior while maintaining the client’s worth.

The initial nursing intervention for the significant-others during shock phase of a grief reaction should be focused on:

a. Presenting full reality of the loss of the individuals
b. Directing the individual’s activities at this time
c. Staying with the individuals involved
d. Mobilizing the individual’s support system


C is the correct answer. This provides support until the individuals coping mechanisms and personal support systems can be immobilized.

Practice Question Test


#1. Joy’s stream of consciousness is occupied exclusively with thoughts of her father’s death. Nurse Ronald should plan to help Joy through this stage of grieving, which is known as:

C is the correct answer. Resolving a loss is a slow, painful, continuous process until a mental image of the dead person, almost devoid of negative or undesirable features emerges.

#2. When taking a health history from a female client who has a moderate level of cognitive impairment due to dementia, the nurse would expect to note the presence of

A is the correct answer. A moderate level of cognitive impairment due to dementia is characterized by increasing dependence on environment & social structure and by increasing psychologic rigidity with accentuated previous traits & behaviors.

#3. What is the priority care for a client with a dementia resulting from AIDS?

C is the correct answer. This action maintains for as long as possible, the clients intellectual functions by providing an opportunity to use them.

#4. Jerome who has eating disorder often exhibits similar symptoms. Nurse Lhey would expect an adolescent client with anorexia to exhibit:

A is the correct answer. Individuals with anorexia often display irritability, hospitality, and a depressed mood

#5. The primary nursing diagnosis for a female client with a medical diagnosis of major depression would be:

D is the correct answer. Depressed clients demonstrate decreased communication because of lack of psychic or physical energy.


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