Practice Test Psychiatric Nursing 150 ITEM

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Practice Test Psychiatric Nursing 150 item for nursing review.

Sherwin sought guidance from Nurse Trish on how to deal with his alcohol problem. The only successful treatment for alcoholism, according to Nurse Trish, is:

B.Alcoholics anonymous (A.A.)
C.Total abstinence
d.Aversion Therapy

The correct answer is C. Total abstinence is the only effective treatment for alcoholism

Nurse Arnold Qimzon is caring for a man client who is experiencing irrational sensory sensations. This viewpoint is referred to as:

A. Hallucinations
B. Delusions
C. Lose associations
D. Neologisms

The correct answer is A. Visual, auditory, gustatory, tactile, or olfactory hallucinations are impressions that have no basis in reality.