Pentagon Review Royal Medical-Surgical Nursing PDF download

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Pentagon Review Royal Medical-Surgical Nursing PDF download for the nursing board exam.

What is the nursing priority for an epiglottitis patient?

A. steroid administration

B. help with intubation of the trachea

C. help with tracheostomy

D. use a moist warm pack

C is the right answer. Epiglottitis is a medical emergency that requires rapid attention: the inflamed epiglottis is blocking the trachea’s entrance, therefore clearing the patient’s AIRWAY is the most important nursing activity (eliminate options A and D). Option C is preferable to Option B; endotracheal intubation will be difficult due to the inflamed epiglottis, which will prevent a laryngoscope from being inserted.

EXCEPT for nontoxic goiter (hypothyroidism), the following are clinical symptoms of nontoxic goiter (hypothyroidism).

A. dry skin
B. lethargy
C. insomnia
D. sensitivity to cold

C is the right answer. Thyroid hormones are reduced in hypothyroidism, which results in slowed metabolism. Options A, B, and D are all indicative of slowed metabolism. Option C is a sign of hyperthyroidism’s accelerated metabolism.

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