Asepsis and Infection Control Nursing Notes PDF File Download

What Is Asepsis? Asepsis is a state in which no living disease-causing microorganisms are present. Asepsis includes all those methods designed to decrease the risk of bacterial, fungal, or viral contamination, using sterile instruments, sterile draping, and the gloved ‘no touch’ technique. Medical asepsis Surgical asepsis Principles of Aseptic Technique Only sterile items are used within the sterile… Read More »

50 Question of Fundamental Of Nursing PDF File Download plus key answer

The 50 question of fundamental of nursing pdf file download. Which of the following group of data relate to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs a. Love and belongingb. Physiologic needsc. Self-actualizationd. All of the above This is identified by severe symptoms approximately of short duration. a. Chronic Illnessb. Acute Illnessc. Paind. Syndrome Which of the understanding is the nurse’s… Read More »

Laboratory Cheat sheet PDF DOWNLOAD

Check all this information about laboratory cheat sheet and abnormal values. Critical Values in Parenthesis CK: >200 >351-2000 critical) Muscle damage (nonspecific) CKMB: >2.5-3.0 (>5.5) Heart muscle damage Troponin:>0.1 (>0.4) Heart muscle damage (most specific) ALK:>136 Liver or bone damage ALP: >150 Liver or bone damage AST:>37 >200 critical) Liver tissue damage (nonspecific) ALT:>65 Liver tissue damage (Specific… Read More »