The Pregnant Client in Childbirth Preparation Classes

A new antenatal G 6, P 4, Ab 1 patient attends her first prenatal appointment with her husband. The nurse is assessing this couple’s psychological response to their pregnancy. Which of the following requires the most immediate follow-up? A. The couple is concerned with the financial changes this pregnancy causes.B. The couple expresses ambivalence about … Read more

The Pregnant Client Receiving Prenatal Care

A primigravid client at 16 weeks’ gestation has had an amniocentesis and has received instruction concerning signs and symptoms to report. Which statement indicates that the client needs further education? A. “I necessitate to call if I start to leak fluid from my vagina.”B. “If I start bleeding, I will want to call back.”C. “If … Read more

The Preconception Client

A patient has received Plan B (levonorgestrel 0.75 mg, two doses as emergency contraception. After unprotected intercourse, the patient calls the clinic to ask questions about using the contraceptives. The nurse realizes the patient needs a further explanation when she makes which of the following responses? A. “I can wait three to four days after … Read more

Caring | Communication, and Documentation

The caring process refers to the interaction between the nurse, client, and family to convey mutual respect and trust. The nurse offers encouragement and hopes to clients and their families while providing nursing care. Questions about the caring process are threaded throughout the licensing exam to test the candidate’s attitudes and values for caring for … Read more

Client Needs | Categories and Subcategories

The health needs of clients are grouped under four broad categories: (1) safe, effective care environment; (2) health promotion and maintenance; (3) psychosocial integrity; and (4) physiologic integrity. A. Safe, Effective Care Environment Management of Care Providing and directing nursing care that enhances the care delivery to protect patients, family, and health care personnel. Similar … Read more

The Nursing Process

The NCLEX-RN test plan covers questions from all steps of the nursing process. The five phases of the nursing process are (1) assessment, (2) analysis, (3) planning, (4) implementation, and (5) evaluation. Assessment. Assessment involves establishing a database. The nurse gathers objective and subjective information about the client and then verifies the data and communicates … Read more