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Nursing Research PDF download Question and Rationale.RESEARCH (Kerlinger) A methodical, empirical, controlled, and critical evaluation of a hypothetical natural phenomena proposition.

PHENOMENON anything that affects human life and disease, signs and symptoms, procedures, MD, RNs.

HYPOTHESIS educated guess, scientific guess, tentative statement of a supposed answer not known yet if true or false, right or wrong.

Nursing Research Question

Nurse Rodelio is conducting a study on vulnerable patients, and she knows what a vulnerable subject is, so she says which of the following?

a. Individuals who are completely capable of making an informed decision.
b. People who, because of their circumstances, are at a high risk of unwanted side effects.
c. People who, due to their healthy bodies, have no chance of unwanted side effects.
d. Individuals who are capable of consenting to the participation of others.

The correct answer is B. Vulnerable subjects can be persons who are unable to give fully informed permission or people who, due to their circumstances, are at a high risk of unwanted side effects.

The following results are obtained for children who are at least seven years old:

a. Only the child’s consent.
b. The child’s informed permission and the guardian’s or parent’s consent.
b. The guardian’s informed permission and the parent’s approval.
d. The parent’s or guardian’s informed consent, as well as, preferably, the child’s assent.

The correct answer is D. For a kid to be permitted to participate in a study, a parent’s or legal guardian’s consent is required; however, an assent can also be acquired. The consent of a child does not guarantee that the child’s participation in a study is legal. Adults do not provide assent; only children do so.

A nurse can get informed permission from a child who is capable of comprehending the basic ideas of informed consent for the following purposes:

a. The child’s right to self-determination is respected.
b. Respect for the child’s name
c. Respect for the parents of the child
d. Easier to persuade since a child is much easier to persuade.

The correct answer is A. The child’s informed permission acts as proof of respect for his or her right to self-determination.

Nurse BBM is working on a study with persons who have been institutionalized. Even if there is some resistance, she believes that the participants are forced to participate in the study. Which of the following is something she can do?

a. Emphasize that the study was first performed on mice and found to be safe.
b. Emphasize that participation in the study is entirely voluntary.
c. Emphasize that the researchers will continue to provide them with healthcare.
d. Stress that she is in complete charge of the study and that no one will be hurt.

The correct answer is B. Patients might choose not to participate in a study because it is optional.

When a patient is critically ill, which of the following must a nurse do before gaining the patient’s consent?

a. Evaluate the patient’s writing ability.
b. Evaluate the patient’s ability to undertake research.
c. Evaluate the patient’s decision-making abilities.
d. Evaluate the nurse’s capacity to engage in the study.

The correct answer is C.Patients who are terminally sick may have impaired decision-making abilities, so they should be assessed.

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