Medical Surgical Nursing for Nursing Review PDF Download

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Medical surgical nursing for nursing review.

I. Client in Pain

II. Perioperative Nursing Care

III. Alterations in Human Functioning

a. Disturbances in Oxygenation: Respiratory & Cardiovascular Functions
b. Disturbances in Metabolic and Endocrine Functions
c. Disturbances in Elimination: Gastrointestinal Problems
d. Disturbances in Fluids and Electrolytes: Renal & Genitourinary Functions
e. Disturbances in Cellular Functioning: Cancer and Hematologic Problems
f. Disturbances in Auditory & Visual Functions
g. Disturbances in Musculoskeletal Functions

IV. Client in Biologic Crisis: Life-threatening Conditions of the Human Body – Shock

V. Emergency & Disaster – First-aid and Cardiopulmonary Support

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