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Medical-Surgical Nursing Exam related to the subject of mild incisional pain, Atropine S04, shock, Demerol, and Post Anesthesia.

Nursing Exam

BBM experiences slight incisional pain after surgery while conducting deep breathing and coughing exercises. The best response from the nurse would be

A.”Pain will lessen with each passing day.”
B.”This is a common post-surgery reaction.”
C.”Put pressure on the incision with a cushion.”
D.”I’ll give you the pain medication your doctor prescribed.”

The correct answer is C. Coughing causes intra-abdominal pressure, which causes tension on the incision, which leads to pain. Applying pressure against the incision with a pillow will help reduce the intra-abdominal pressure caused by coughing.

Because older persons often complain of pain, the nurse must carefully analyze the patient’s complaint.

A. are likely to suffer from chronic pain
B. have a lower pain threshold
C. have impaired sensory perception
D. have a deteriorated mental state

The correct answer is C. In the old, degenerative changes occur. Because of reduced acuity of touch, changes in brain circuits, and slower processing of sensory data, the aged may have a reduced response to pain.

Leni took AtropineSO4 as a pre-medication 30 minutes ago and now has a dry mouth and a higher PR than previously. Best of the nurse

A. The medicine is causing the patient to have an allergic reaction.
B. This drug should be given to the patient in a greater dose.
C. This is a common AtSO4 side effect.
D. The patient is apprehensive about the approaching operation.

The correct answer is C. Atropine sulfate is a vagolytic medication that increases heart rate while lowering oropharyngeal secretions.


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