Maternal Child Care Nursing Review Notes

Maternal Child Care Nursing Review Notes

Human Sexuality Concepts

A person’s sexuality includes the combined behaviors, attitudes, emotions, and preferences that are related to sexual self and eroticism. Sex basic and dynamic aspect of life. During reproductive years, the nurse acts as a resource person on human sexuality.

maternal child nursing reviews notes
Maternal Child Care Nursing Review Notes

Definitions related to sexuality: Gender identity the sense of femininity or masculinity 2-4 yrs/3 yrs gender identity develops.Role identity attitudes, behaviors, and attributes that change roles. Sex biologic male or female status. Sometimes related to a specific sexual behavior such as sexual intercourse.

Sexuality the behavior of being boy or girl, male or female man/ woman. Entity life-long dynamic change. Developed at the moment of conception.

II. Sexual Anatomy and Physiology

A. Female Reproductive System

  1. External value or pretender
    a. Mons pubis and Veneris a pad of fatty tissues that extend over the symphysis pubis covered by skin and at puberty incorporated by pubic hair that helps as protection to the symphysis pubis.

Stages of Pubic Hair Development

Tanner Scale tool employed to determine sexual maturity rating.
Stage 1 Pre-adolescence. No pubic hair. Fine body hair only
Stage 2 Happens between ages 11 and 12 sparse, long, slightly pigmented & curly hair at pubis symphysis
Stage 3 Happens between ages 12 and 13 darker & curlier at labia
Stage 4 Happens between ages 13 and 14, hair assumes the normal appearance of an adult but is not so thick and does not appear to the inner aspect of the upper thigh.
Stage 5 sexual maturity normal adult- appear inner aspect of the upper thigh.

b. Labia Majora’s large lips longitudinal fold extends symphysis pubis to the perineum
c. Labia Minora two sensitive structures clitoris anterior, pea-shaped erectile tissue with lots sensitive nerve endings sight of sexual arousal (Greek-key) fourchette Posterior, tapers posteriorly of the labia minora sensitive to manipulation, torn during delivery. Site episiotomy.
d. Vestibule an almond-shaped area that contains the hymen, vaginal orifice, and Bartholin’s glands.

Urinary Meatus small opening of the urethra serves for urination. Skene’s glands/or paraurethral gland mucus-secreting subs for lubrication hymen covers vaginal orifice, membranous tissue
vaginal orifice external opening of the vagina bartholene’s glands para vaginal gland or vulvovaginal gland 2 small mucus-secreting subs secrets alkaline subs. Alkaline neutralizes the acidity of the vagina. The ph of the vagina acidic Doderlein’s bacillus responsible for the acidity of the vagina. Carunculae myrtiformes-healing of torn hymen e. Perineum muscular composition to the lower vagina and anus.

Nclex Nursing Exam related to Fundamental of Nursing

A. vagina a female organ of copulation, a passageway of men and fetus, 3 to 4inches or 8 – 10 cm long, dilated canal Rugae permit stretching without tearing
B. uterus The organ of men is a hollow, thick-walled muscular organ. It varies in size, shape, and weight. Size- 1x2x3. Shape: nonpregnant pear shaped / pregnant ovoid. Weight nonpregnant 50 to 60 kg pregnant to 1,000g

Pregnant/ Involution of uterus:
4th stage of labor 1000g
2 weeks after delivery 500g
3 weeks after delivery 300 g
5 to 6 weeks after delivery returns to original, state 50 – 60

Three parts of the uterus

  • fundus upper cylindrical layer
  • corpus/body upper triangular layer
  • cervix lower cylindrical layer
  • Isthmus lower uterine section during pregnancy.Cornua-junction within the fundus and interstitial

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