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Critical Values in Parenthesis

CK: >200 >351-2000 critical) Muscle damage (nonspecific)

CKMB: >2.5-3.0 (>5.5) Heart muscle damage

Troponin:>0.1 (>0.4) Heart muscle damage (most specific)

ALK:>136 Liver or bone damage

ALP: >150 Liver or bone damage

AST:>37 >200 critical) Liver tissue damage (nonspecific)

ALT:>65 Liver tissue damage (Specific for Hepatitis)

Bilirubin:>1.0 Liver cell damage (the best indicator of liver function)

Albumin: >5.0 Dehydration best sign of liver function) <3.5 (<1.5) Liver disease, shock, malnutrition

Gamma-GT:>51 CHF, liver damage

BNP: >100 CHF (300 mild, 600 mod, 900 severe) OK 125-450, <75 YO = 125, >75 YO = 450

Glucose:>120 (>350) Diabetes (>150 insulin protocol <90 (<40) Liver failure if not on Insulin (sepsis?)

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