Growth and Development NCLEX questions Quizlet | pregnancy test, color vision, Denver screening exam

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Growth and development NCLEX questions Quizlet related to the subject of a pregnancy test, heart surgery, color vision, ruptured membranes, and Denver screening exam.

The nurse is looking after a newborn’s mother. Because the mother is unfamiliar with cord care, the nurse recognizes that she requires additional instruction.

A. Maintains the cord’s air exposure
B. Before sponge bathing her infant, she washes her hands.
C. At each diaper change, wash thoroughly the cord and surrounding area with water.
D. Check for bleeding and discharge on a daily basis.

The correct answer is C. The rope can be dried by exposing it to air. The most crucial factor in preventing infection is hand washing. Washing the area around the chord is acceptable, but washing it keeps it moist and makes it more susceptible to infection. It’s crucial to keep an eye out for any potential bleeding or drainage issues.

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