Geologie is a skincare brand whose mission is to improve wellness

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Geologie is a skincare brand whose mission is to improve men’s health and wellness by creating personalized skincare regimens for each client.

How Does It Function of Geologie Skin Care

Customers must take a brief quiz on the Geologie website and acquire the 30-day starter pack in order to begin using Geologie.

A daily face wash, morning cream, night cream, and eye cream are included in each initial shipment, along with everything else you need to start seeing results.

You can choose between starting a subscription after your trial period or just buying your preferred products outright.

They think that all men need to have access to skincare products that suit their requirements. They make the claim that they are dedicated to producing high-quality, secure products without parabens.

Price and Cost Plans of  Geologie Skin Care

Fill out their diagnostic exam and order your 30-day product line for $37.00 if you’re interested in buying some of their products.

After that, you have a variety of pricing options depending on the things you want to receive if you decide to sign up for a subscription.

The price for a 90-day full set is $148.00. Two facial washes, a day cream, a night cream, and an eye cream are included with this. The full package is included in a $120.00 90-day AM & PM subscription, with the exception of the eye cream.

Costs $112.00 for a PM Regimen and Eye Cream subscription. One face wash, one night cream, and one eye cream are included with this.

The PM regimen, which costs $76.00 and comes with one face wash and one night cream, is also an option.

A membership to AM & Eye Cream costs $98.00. This includes an eye cream, a day cream, and a face cleanser.

Geologie products cost $25 for a 2-pack of facewash, $55 for a morning face cream, $65 for a night cream, $45 for an eye nourishing cream, and $45 for a travel set if you decide not to sign up for a subscription and choose to buy them as required instead.

Geologie Skincare Phone Number

Contact them at or by phone at 917.810.8209 if you have inquiries about their items or the progress of your order.