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Gapuz Communicable Disease Nursing. COMMUNICABLE DISEASES are diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms that can be passed from an infected person to a vulnerable person by direct, indirect, or skin-to-skin contact.

Diseases that are communicable are spread by:

  1. Direct Mode of Transmission

Transmission from one person to another.

Droplet transmission is the most prevalent method.


  • Kissing
  • Sexual Contact

It occurs in people.

  1. Indirect Mode of Transmission

From a transmission source to a new host via an intermediate object

You’re connected to an infected person through a bridge.

Bridges or intermediate objects


  • Vehicle-borne Transmission
  • Non-living things
  • Catheter, tubing, and linens are examples of items used by patients.Vector-borne Transmission
  • Living things but are non-human
  • Insects, arthropods, and rodents are all examples of pests.

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