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Fundamentals Of Nursing Quiz 2 PDF related to the subject of sputum sensitivity testing, autoclave, contaminated gloves, homogenization, and self-injection.

To properly implement isolation precautions, the nurse must first understand the situation.

A. Organism’s mode of transmission
B. Organism’s Gram-staining characteristics
C. Organism’s susceptibility to antibiotics
D. Patient’s susceptibility to the organism

Rationale: A. The nurse must first ascertain the organism’s mode of transmission before initiating isolation precautions. For example, an organism spread through nasal secretions necessitates respiratory isolation, which entails putting the patient in a single room with the door shut and wearing a mask, gown, and gloves while in direct contact with the patient. The Gram-straining features of an organism disclose whether it is gram-negative or gram-positive, which is a significant factor in the physician’s drug therapy selection and the nurse’s construction of an appropriate care plan. The nurse also has to know whether the organism is antibiotic-resistant, but this could take several days to determine; if she waits for the results before implementing isolation precautions, the organism could be spread in the meanwhile. The susceptibility of the patient to the organism has previously been determined. A non-infected patient would not be subjected to isolation precautions by the nurse.

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