Fundamental of Nursing Part III

Fundamental of Nursing related to injury, diet, inflammation, constipation, hyperglycemia, and blood pressure. Icheanne then asked you, what’s the primary process that happens within the inflammatory response after injury, You tell her.
A. Phagocytosis
B. Emigration
C. Pavementation
D. Chemotaxis

Icheanne asked you again, what’s that term that describes the magnetism of injured tissue to bring phagocytes to the location of injury?
A. Icheanne, you better sleep now, you asked tons of questions
B. It is Diapedesis
C. We call that Emigration
D. I don’t know the solution, perhaps I can tell you after I find it out later


#1. This type of healing occurs when there is a delayed surgical closure of infected wound

#2. Type of healing when scars are minimal due to careful surgical incision and good healing

#3. Bong, was slashed and hacked by an unknown suspects. She suffered massive tissue loss and laceration on her arms and elbow in an attempt to evade the criminal. As a nurse, you know that the type of healing that will most likely occur to Miss Imelda is

#4. Bong is in the recovery stage after the incident. As a nurse, you know that the diet that will be prescribed to Mr Bong is

#5. Mr Bong asked you, What is WET TO DRY Dressing method? Your best response is

#6. The primary cause of pain in inflammation is

#7. The client is in stress because he was told by the physician he needs to undergo surgery for removal of tumor in his bladder. Which of the following are effects of sympatho-adreno-medullary response by the client?

#8. The client is on NPO post midnight. Which of the following, if done by the client, is sufficient to cancel the operation in the morning?

#9. The client place on NPO for preparation of the blood test. Adreno-cortical response is activated and which of the following below is an expected response?

#10. Which of the following is true about therapeutic relationship?

#11. According to her, A nurse patient relationship is composed of 4 stages : Orientation, Identification, Exploitation and Resolution


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