Range of Motion

Range of motion (ROM) refers to the extent and freedom with which a joint can move through its normal physiological range. It is an important concept in physical therapy and rehabilitation as it is crucial for maintaining joint health, preventing joint stiffness and promoting proper joint function. The ROM of a joint is typically measured … Read more

The Nurse’s Role as a Patient Advocate

An advocate, according to the definition, is a person who represents another person’s interests in court. Advocacy in the nursing profession relates to the preservation of human dignity, the development of patient equity, and the provision of relief from suffering. It’s also about securing that people have the freedom to make their own health decisions. … Read more

Advance Directives

If you were too ill or damaged to voice your wishes, what kind of medical treatment would you want? Advance directives are legal agreements that allow you to plan ahead of time for your end-of-life care. They let you communicate your wishes to family, friends, and healthcare providers while also preventing future uncertainty. If you … Read more