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Endocrine Pathophysiology Nursing Notes PDF File download

The following information is related to the endocrine system for nursing reviews notes. The Endocrine System a. Hormones Neuro Endcorines Glands a. Hypothalamus b. Pituitary Glands c. Pineal Glands Endocrines Glands a. Thyroid Glands b. Parathyroid Glands Endocrines Pancreas a. Insulin b. Glucagon c. Somatostatin d. Gastrin e. Grehlin F. Pancreatic polypeptide Adrenal Gland a. Adrenal Cortex a.… Read More »


This information is related to cancer pathophysiology for nursing notes. You can easily download this pdf file. CANCER a. CLASSIFICATION AND NOMENCLATURE CHARACTERISTICS OF CANCER CELLS a. Transformationb. Autonomyc. Anchorage-independentd. Immortal CANCER STEM CELLS a. Tumor Markersb.MetastasisC. Staging TNM System CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS OF CANCER a. Painb. Fatiguec. Cachexiad. Anemiae. Leukopenia and thrombocytopeniaf. Infectiong. Paraneoplastic syndromes Treatment of Cancer… Read More »

Fluid Disturbances and Electrolytes Pathophysiology Nursing Pdf File Download

You can easily download this PDF File for your nursing review related to the subject of fluid disturbances and electrolytes. FUNCTIONS OF WATER a. Waterb. BODY FLUID COMPARTMENTS Active Transport a. Filtrationb. Hydrostatic Forcec. Colloid Osmotic Pressuredd. Osmolality REGULATION OF BODY FLUID a. Stimulus Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System a . ALDOSTERONEb. PROSTAGLANDINSc. GLUCOCORTICOIDS (CORTISOLd. ATRIAL NATRIURETIC PEPTIDEe. ANTIDIURETIC HORMONE (ADH)f.… Read More »