Measuring Capacity to Care Using Nursing Data PDF Download

Measuring Capacity to Care Using Nursing Data PDF Download for nursing review.The term “capacity” refers to a person’s ability to successfully complete any form of action in order to reach a desired goal or outcome, including the ability to apply a level of competence to any physical or cognitive task. A quantity of items that … Read more

Practice Test Psychiatric Nursing 150 ITEM

Practice Test Psychiatric Nursing 150 item for nursing review. Sherwin sought guidance from Nurse Trish on how to deal with his alcohol problem. The only successful treatment for alcoholism, according to Nurse Trish, is: A.PsychotherapyB.Alcoholics anonymous (A.A.)C.Total abstinenced.Aversion Therapy The correct answer is C. Total abstinence is the only effective¬†treatment for alcoholism Nurse Arnold Qimzon … Read more

50 Item Psychiatric Nursing Exam with Rationale

Psychiatric nursing exam. A 60-year-old post-CVA patient is taking TPA to treat his disease; according to the nurse, this is an example of what level of prevention? A. PrimaryB. SecondaryC. TertiaryD. Nota C is the correct answer. TPA stands for TRANSPLASMINOGEN ACTIVATOR, which are thrombolytics that dissolve clots that have formed in the brain’s blood … Read more

200 Pediatric Nursing Notes Question and Rationale PDF Download

Pediatric nursing notes question and rationale for your nursing review. Situation: The school health nurse instructs graduating high school pupils in health education. Which of the following would you include when teaching a teenager about the guidelines for safer sex? A. There is a small risk of contracting STDs through anal intercourse.B. It’s crucial to … Read more

101 Obstetrical Nursing Notes Question and Rationale PDF Download

101 obstetrical nursing notes question and rationale for your references. A 37-week-pregnant client calls the clinic to express her concern about shortness of breath and her inability to sleep unless she places three pillows under her head. Which action should the nurse take after listening to the client’s concerns? a. Schedule an appointment to have … Read more

100 Item Medical-Surgical Nursing Examination Answers and Rationales

100 Item Medical-Surgical Nursing Examination.SITUATION: Arnold Quimson, a registered nurse, saw an elderly woman get hit by a motorcycle as she crossed a train track. At the railway, the elderly woman collapsed. Yeng dashed towards the fray. As a registered nurse, Yeng knows that the first thing he’ll do when he arrives on the scene … Read more

Maternity Study Guide PDF Download

Preconception counseling and care: give women the information they need to make informed decisions about their reproductive future. It can be given as part of premarital, employment, school, and family planning health examinations. The book instructs couples on how to avoid unexpected pregnancies, how to manage risk factors in their lives and environments, and how … Read more