Exploring Anatomy and Physiology in the laboratory PDF Download

Exploring anatomy and physiology in the laboratory for your nursing review and school requirements. Textbooks are costly, and the last thing students want to do is overspend on a lab manual. Morton Publishing is dedicated to offering high-quality items at competitive pricing. Exploring Anatomy and Physiology in the Laboratory, 3e, is our honest desire that it … Read more

Pearson Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual PDF Download

Pearson Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual PDF is a complete reference for your nursing review. This anatomy and physiology laboratory manual discuss all the concept of the human body by the system, cell, tissue, and human adaptation to the environment. Tables of Contents The Language of Anatomy The Microscope Organ Systems Overview The Cell: Anatomy … Read more

How many trunk lines in the heart?”

A solitary arterial trunk exits the heart by a shared ventriculoatrial junction and serves the systemic, pulmonary, and coronary arterial pathways directly. However, the optimal way to subclassify those hearts that meet this description has yet to be discovered. The traditional classification is based on the anatomy of the pulmonary arteries, but a new method … Read more

Chapter 3 Ethical Decision Making PDF

Ethical decision-making. As mentioned in the previous sections, ethical challenges in nursing practice are many and varied. Although the circumstances differ, and experience shows that there are no clear solutions to these difficulties, the essential philosophical ideas remain the same, and the process of moral inquiry will assist nurses in justifying their conduct. The steps … Read more

Chapter 5 Transport Mechanism and Cell Permeability

The plasma membrane is about what passes through it due to its molecular composition. It permits nutrients into the cell but keeps unwanted substances out. Similarly, vital cell proteins and other chemicals are maintained inside the cell, while excreta or wastes are expelled to the outside. Selective, or differential, permeability is the name for this … Read more

Chapter 4 Cell Division Mitosis and Cytokinesis

Cell division mitosis and cytokines in self-replicating cells, the paired centrioles are located near the nucleus within the centrosome. They are rod-shaped bodies that are perpendicular to one another. Each centriole is made up of nine microtubule triplets on the inside. The centrosome complex, which contains the centrioles, directs the creation of the mitotic spindle … Read more

Chapter 4 The Cell Anatomy and Division

The cell anatomy is a complex organism that serves as the structural and functional unit of all living things. The human body’s cells are extremely diverse, and their distinctions in size, shape, and internal makeup reflect their distinct functions. Cells do, however, share many anatomical traits, and all cells must perform specific jobs in order … Read more

Chapter I Surface Anatomy and Anterior Body Landmarks

The surface anatomy and Anterior Body Landmarks is the visible markers on the body that convey a wealth of information. The body is divided into two sections: The axis of the body is related to the head, neck, and trunk. Appendicular: Referring to the limbs and their connections to the axis. Anterior Body Landmarks Abdominal: … Read more