Caring | Communication, and Documentation

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The caring process refers to the interaction between the nurse, client, and family to convey mutual respect and trust. The nurse offers encouragement and hopes to clients and their families while providing nursing care. Questions about the caring process are threaded throughout the licensing exam to test the candidate’s attitudes and values for caring for and about clients. In this book, you will have the opportunity to respond to questions that test your ability to apply the caring process in various situations.

Communication and Documentation

Another element of the licensing exam test plan, evaluate the nurse’s ability to communicate with clients, families, and health team members. The test also includes questions about documenting nursing care according to standards of nursing practice. In this book, you will be presented with questions that ask you to determine the most effective way to communicate with clients, families, and other health professionals. You will also have the opportunity to respond to questions that require you to select the appropriate information to document or chart.
Teaching and Learning is an essential aspect of nursing care that teaches clients and their families about managing their health status. Nurses also teach other members of the health care team. Questions in this book are designed to assist you in answering questions about the teaching and learning process for various clients and health care team members.