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Psychiatric nursing review notes an interpersonal process whereby the professional nurse practitioner, through the therapeutic use of self art and nursing theories (science), assists clients to achieve psychosocial well being. Mental health balance in a person’s internal life and adaptation to reality mental ill-health state of imbalance characterized by a disturbance in a person’s thoughts, […]

Communicable Disease Nursing Question and Rationale Part 1

This communicable disease nursing is related to airborne precautions, meningococcal meningitis, radioactive iodine, tuberculosis, and head lice. A 20 year-old client has an infected leg wound from a motorcycle accident, and the client has returned home from the hospital. The client is to keep the affected leg elevated and is on contact precautions. The client […]

Psychiatric Nursing Practice Quiz Part II

This psychiatric nursing is related to toxicity, stress syndrome, nursing assistant and grief. Bong is diagnosed with amphetamine psychosis and was admitted in the emergency room. Nurse Ronald would most likely prepare to administer which of the following medication? a. Librium b. Valium c. Ativan d. Haldol Rationale: D is the correct answer. The nurse […]

Psychiatric Nursing Practice Quiz Part I

This psychiatric nursing practice quiz is related to neuromuscular, dementia, mental health, anorexia, agitation and narcissistic personality. Bong is experiencing alcohol withdrawal exhibits tremors, diaphoresis and hyperactivity. Blood pressure is 190/87 mmhg and pulse is 92 bpm. Which of the medications would the nurse expect to administer? a. Naloxone (Narcan) b. Benzlropine (Cogentin) c. Lorazepam […]

Psychiatric Nursing Question and Rationale Part 1

This psychiatric nursing is related to perception, suicidal tendency, hallucinations, anxiety attack and cognitive development. Marco approached Nurse Trish asking for advice on how to deal with his alcohol addiction. Nurse Trish should tell the client that the only effective treatment for alcoholism is: a. Psychotherapy b. Alcoholics anonymous (A.A.) c. Total abstinence d. Aversion […]

Medical-Surgical Nursing Practice Quiz Part 1

This medical-surgical nursing practice is related to cancer of the breast, colostomy, rhinorrhea, testicular examinations, ventilator, and Addisonian crisis. A 52 yr-old female tells the nurse that she has found a painless lump in her right breast during her monthly self-examination. Which assessment finding would strongly suggest that this client’s lump is cancerous? a. eversion […]

Medical-Surgical Nursing Questions and Rationale Part 1

This medical-surgical nursing question is related to cerebrovascular, colostomy, celiac disease, glomerulonephritis, cerebral injury, craniotomy, lithotripsy, glucose level, ketoacidosis, and increased intracranial pressure. Here are the Following Question Of Medical-Surgical Nursing After a cerebrovascular accident, a 75 yr old client is admitted to the health care facility. The client has a left-sided weakness and an […]

Fundamental of Nursing Question and Rationale Part 1

Fundamentals of Nursing are the concept for nursing interventions and proper techniques from assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation. Here are some questions and rationale pertaining to the fundamentals of nursing. The most appropriate nursing order for a patient who develops dyspnea and shortness of breath would be a. Maintain the patient on strict bed rest […]