Allergies Pollen and allergens is a mechanism of the body immunological system

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By nclexnursing

Allergies Pollen and allergens are both just foreign plant antigens. You can see and hear what happens once they are released into the air. Sneezing is brought on when allergens first come into contact with nasal tissue. This is a mechanism of the body immunological system.

The nasal plasma cells then come into contact with pollen allergens and respond by generating antibodies. Mast cells, which are white blood cells that contain the chemical histamine, are where these antibodies bind. The mast cells release histamine when more antibodies are made, which results in allergy symptoms as runny and stuffy noses, sneezing, and watery eyes. These aid in clearing out the invasive pollen.

Antihistamine medications can be used to assist treat really bad allergy symptoms.