Adrenal gland cancer the type of cancer you have will determine your symptoms

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The suprarenal, or adrenal gland cancer are found above each kidney. These glands generate essential hormones, such as sex hormones and cortisol, which among other things helps you cope with stress.

The adrenal glands can be impacted by a variety of conditions, including malignancies. The two types of tumors are benign and malignant. Unwanted growths are not cancer. cancerous ones are. Adrenal gland tumors are often benign. They typically don’t produce symptoms and might not need to be treated. Adrenal tumors that are malignant are infrequent.

Tumor types include:

Adrenocortical carcinoma: cancer of the glands exterior

One kind of childhood cancer is neuroblastoma.

A rare tumor called a pheochromocytoma, which is typically benign,

The type of cancer you have will determine your symptoms. Surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy are all possible forms of treatment.