Abdominal Pain also called Bellyache

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By nclexnursing

From the area below your sternum to your groin is your abdomen. Although it’s sometimes referred to as the stomach, the belly actually houses a number of vital organs. Any one of them may cause abdominal pain. The pain could begin in another location, like your chest. A significant issue is not usually indicated by severe pain. A minor ache does not necessarily indicate a less serious issue.

If you experience minor pain that lasts a week or longer or if it is accompanied by other symptoms, call your healthcare physician. Get medical assistance right away if:

Your stomach hurts suddenly and severely.

You also experience shoulder, neck, and chest pain.

You have blood in your stool or are vomiting blood.

Your belly is tender, hard, and stiff to touch.

Particularly if you are also vomiting, you are unable to move your bowels.

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