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Pediatric Nursing Practice Test. Which of the following medications is used to treat chorea in rheumatic fever?

A. Ampicillin
B. Erythromycin
C. Diazepam
D. Mannitol

Rationale: Diazepam should be given if there is chorea, which is a jerky movement seen in rheumatic fever.

Kawasaki Disease is diagnosed in a child. Which of the following manifestations is seen during the disease’s subacute phase?

C.Strawberry tongue
D.Desquamation of palms and soles

Rationale: Acute Phase: 5 days or more of fever, conjunctivitis, strawberry tongue, red cracked lips, enlarged cervical lymph nodes, abdominal pain, anorexia, joint swelling, diarrhea, polymorphous rash, increased WBC, and ESR. Subacute Phase (after 10 days): palm and sole desquamation, platelet increase, vascular aneurysm

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