Communicable Disease Part VI lymphadenopathy

This nclex nursing exam related to communicable disease subject to rabies, infection, lymphadenophy, sputum examination, whooping cough, and vectors.

The public health measures to prevent rabies
a. Immunize dogs against rabies
b. Immunize the population
c. Observe dog and their behavior
d. Injection anti-rabies vaccine immediately after a bite

Which of the subsequent features of AIDS usually are available combined with high fever sweats, diarrhea, weight loss, fatigue, oral candidiasis, and herpes zoster infection?
a. Initial infection with the virus
b. Asymptomatic carrier state
c. persistent generalized lymphadenopathy
d. Other HIV-related diseases including AIDS

Which of the subsequent will you think about a priority case in TB cases?
a. Cavity with negative sputum
b. Persistent cough and weight loss
c. Positive sputum after 2 consecutive sputum examination
d. Spitting blood upon coughing

Whooping cough is most contagious in
a. Paroxysmal stage
b. Febrile stage
c. Catarrhal staged
d. Incubation

The following are considered as vehicles for transmission of infections except for
a. Air
b. Food
c. Fomites
d. Vectors

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