Psychiatric Nursing Part IX somatoform disorder

This psychiatric nclex nursing exam related to anxiety, somatoform disorder, nursing diagnosis, and mental disorders.

A 30-year-old male employee frequently complains of low back pain that leads to frequent absences from work. Consultation and tests reveal negative results.

The client has which somatoform disorder?
A. Somatization Disorder
B. Hypochondriasis
C. Conversion Disorder
D. Somatoform Pain Disorder

This is characterized by severe and prolonged pain that causes significant distress. A. This is a chronic syndrome of somatic symptoms that cannot be explained medically and is associated with psychosocial distress. B. This is an unrealistic preoccupation with a fear of having a serious illness. C. Characterized by alteration or loss in sensory or motor function resulting from a psychological conflict.

Freud explains anxiety as
A. Strives to gratify the needs for satisfaction and security
B. Conflict between id and superego
C. A hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal reaction to stress
D. A conditioned response to stressors

Freud explains anxiety as due to opposing action drives between the id and the superego. A. Sullivan identified 2 types of needs, satisfaction and security. Failure to gratify these needs may result in anxiety. C. Biomedical perspective of anxiety. D. Explanation of anxiety using the behavioral model.

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