100 Item Medical-Surgical Nursing Examination Answers and Rationales

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100 Item Medical-Surgical Nursing Examination.SITUATION: Arnold Quimson, a registered nurse, saw an elderly woman get hit by a motorcycle as she crossed a train track. At the railway, the elderly woman collapsed. Yeng dashed towards the fray.

  1. As a registered nurse, Yeng knows that the first thing he’ll do when he arrives on the scene is assess the situation.

A. Stay with the person, Encourage her to remain still and immobilize the leg while waiting for the ambulance.
B. Leave the person for a few moments to call for help.
C. Reduce the fracture manually.
D. Move the person to a safer place.

Rationale: The elderly lady is standing in the center of a train track. Because a train could arrive at any time while waiting for an ambulance, immobilizing her legs and remaining still in the middle of a railway is extremely dangerous. At this point, the most important thing is to be safe. If the letter D isn’t one of the options and the scenario isn’t as dangerous, the solution is A. Always remember that transferring the victim from the area to a far safer location is a top priority in any emergency.

100 Item Medical-Surgical Nursing Examination

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